About your hips

We are at that time of the year when many of us who made some new year's resolutions are beginning to flag with our intentions. If one of those resolutions was to get fit, well done you. These days finding the time and the motivation to keep going whilst leading busy lives can be a challenge. Unfortunately, we are often undoing some of the benefits reaped in our exercise time by returning to our sedentary lives because our non- exercise time makes up a much much greater proportion of our day…

Sitting Tip

You can’t fail to have noticed the sensationalist headline “sitting is the new smoking”. You know the one, designed to put the fear of God into us and make us feel even worse about the fact that we are not moving enough. It’s true, of course, we are not moving enough but many of us who are desk bound simply don’t know where to start. In this video, I give you a simple postural adjustment to bring more to your sitting time. The first step is to sit on the front of your chair, not into the back of it.

As I said in the video, it’s not sitting that’s the issue, it’s the time spent in a single position that’s problematic for us. There is no one best way to sit but sitting in such a way that your body has to do more work is going to be more beneficial to you.

Get comfortable being on your sitting bones supporting your own bodyweight. You will no doubt feel yourself slump back into your chair because it’s what your body knows and has adapted to but you’re going to retrain yourself to do some work while just sitting there!

It will be impossible to sit better if you are in a bucket style seat, in other words, where the back of the chair is lower than the front. Find a chair that has a seat parallel to the ground.

Then get up and move frequently :-)

Be well.


Getting to the Core of the Matter

Core strength to me is the ability for my body to respond appropriately to any physical task and ideally is something that would be acquired dynamically on a daily basis. Core strength is often reduced down to a few isolated moves in a class but how do the moves you learn in an exercise class translate into your everyday life (carrying a heavy suitcase, stepping off a kerb, bending down to tie shoelaces)? I want my core to kick in and respond accordingly in any of these scenarios …

Are you walking?

It takes an inordinate amount of mindfulness to get movement back into our lives these days but walking is one of the easiest and best ways to do it. The benefits of walking are many and well documented. The notion of 10,000 steps a day has crept in as a daily movement prescription and I love the way that various devices like Fitbit can motivate someone to get up every hour to hit their number but we can do better than 10,000 steps!

Moving into Summer

May is one of my favourite months. Spring turned into summer over the bank holiday weekend and it's been great to shed the layers, free our feet, get outside and soak up some vitamin D.
Movement as opposed to exercise is something I write about a lot. Exercise alone doesn't seem to make us healthier and use it or lose it remains true. With that in mind, I strive to find ways to make any activity, whether that be working at my laptop or a household chore more movement rich.

Upper Body Strength

Strength is one of those words that gets people’s attention particularly if they feel they lack it. There is no denying that being strong feels good. More than that though, mobilising our upper bodies sets us on a path to improving breast health, better bone density and enhanced breathing. Who doesn’t want that? Upper body strength in particular is a concern for many people, but for women in particular. If the question is how to achieve it, the answer invariably seems to be, “I need to go to the gym and lift some weights.”

From Your Feet to Your Hips

I hope you got out and enjoyed the recent cold weather! Personally, I love it and it had me thinking about the importance of restoring and maintaining mobility in our feet and everything above them. That mobility will improve circulation; circulation that is essential for the nerves, muscles and skin of the feet and lower legs. The more 'alive' your feet the better they will be able to sustain you....

Moving in Winter

Belated Happy New Year! I hope that you are settling into 2018 and the dark January days are not getting you down too much. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been reflecting on 2017 rather than setting any New Year’s resolutions. It's been a worthwhile experience looking back at what I have achieved, focusing on the positives rather than what I didn’t do or didn’t get done. Try it, I’ll bet you’ve had a much better year than perhaps you thought!

The foot bone's connected to the ...

I’m sure you remember that song from your childhood! We tend to look at many issues in our body in isolation forgetting that everything is connected to everything else. It might be hard to see how the tension in your feet and lower leg muscles can impact the tension in your shoulders and head but it could.

Fit for Life

On this date last year I published a blog post titled Fit for What? which clearly struck a chord because it was shared widely and read thousands of times. I talked about why I had stopped running and wrote “I want to try lots of different things, move in many different ways. Climb a few trees, become less fearful of heights, play more and do it all with a body that is getting stronger not weaker with age.”

Evolve Move Play

I had the pleasure of attending an Evolve Move Play seminar with Rafe Kelley a couple of weekends ago in London. Always a student of the body, I have many movement teachers who inspire me on a daily basis and Rafe is one of them. As a former runner, I came to understand how limiting only running as exercise was for my overall ability to use my body well. I had become a movement specialist, working on my running form for many years but neglecting many other forms of movement. I was movement starved in general being mostly sedentary the rest of the time.

From the ground up

If I had a penny for every person I hear complain about foot pain, I would be rich! As someone who has previously suffered with chronic foot pain for years, I understand how frustrating and debilitating foot problems can be. When our feet hurt, our whole body hurts. Wearing stiff, cushioned, positive heeled shoes with narrow toe boxes has not only changed the shape of our feet but also our bodies and indeed how our whole body functions. Plantar fasciitis, neuromas, bunions, hammer toes, metatarsalgia, to name a few, are just some of the many foot complaints I come across.

A Movement Practise

You may have heard the term a movement practise but wondered what it means. Many years ago I was introduced to the idea of a mindful movement practise through Chi Running. The value of a practise became clear to me as I learnt to truly enjoy running and eventually run injury free over time by paying close attention to how I moved. This was the beginning of getting to know my body better and learning how to move well in all sorts of ways.

Fit for what?

For many years I have been a distance runner, I loved it. I worked on my form every day, running defined me. I would often be greeted by a stranger when I was out and about “Not running today?” Although it came to be something I loved to do, I also assumed that an added bonus was that it was good for my health, that I was fit. Most people who know me think of me as fit and therefore healthy.

Everyday Movement

As much as I would like to spend more time outdoors in nature, stuff needs to get done, the house needs cleaning from time to time, etc. In an effort to get more natural movement, I find myself looking at the household chores differently. Once something I did not look forward to, I now see housework as one way to get the thing I crave more and more - varied movement throughout the day.

Don't Just Sit There

I am one of those annoying people who takes up too much space in a restaurant or café and will have you tripping over the legs of my chair! Why, you ask? Most chairs are designed to make it impossible for you to sit well and have a bucket type seat. This means we have no option but to sit with our pelvis tucked under which can have negative health consequences particularly if we inhabit this position for many hours each day. So, if I find myself in a chair, I sit right out on the edge of it which allows me to sit with a neutral pelvis, gets me off my tailbone and puts me in a much better position to support my bodyweight.

New beginnings from a Movement Perspective

New website, new blog and a place to share my thoughts on what I have learnt and continue to learn on my journey to understanding what my body needs in order to live a healthier life. A life that nurtures both mind and body, one that allows me to take care of myself and my family to the best of my ability and help others who are open to doing the same.