Michelle is a truly inspirational and motivational teacher. I have been doing her classes for almost a year and they have completely revolutionised the way I think about exercise and movement. She is helping me regain flexibility and strength by introducing small movements in areas of the body I hardly knew existed and certainly haven’t moved for decades! I had thought getting stiffer and less agile was an inevitable factor of getting older but now honestly believe that not to be the case. I cannot recommend her enough for anyone who wants to remain active and flexible as the years advance. Thank you Michelle.
— Alex Bemrose
In the ten months I’ve been seeing Michelle, she has helped me to reclaim my body from daily pain, and to restore strength and flexibility that I thought I would never have again. Her gentle but empowering way of teaching has given me the confidence in my own ability to effect change and to be well. By focusing on the little-and-often - on making small changes to everyday behaviour - Michelle’s teaching is realistic, practical and always nonjudgmental. Her genuine enthusiasm and natural teaching manner mean I enjoy our sessions as well as benefit from them. She is thorough and careful, and I always feel safe with her advice. I am immensely grateful to Michelle for giving me the confidence to change my health and the practical means to do it.
— Zoe Lourie
I was desperate to find a way of slowly strengthening my body in a safe way after having a disc prolapse eighteen months ago. I had tried everything from osteopaths, yoga classes, walking and swimming but these all seem to be a short term fix and I would still suffer from another frequent episode of sciatica from lifting, sitting or walking too far. I was incredibly frustrated as I used to really enjoy being active. Previously I was running and I attended Pilates classes twice a week and even learnt to scull. Since my disc prolapse I could not seem to find a way to physically progress without setbacks. I bumped into Michelle in the park one day, she had previously instructed me in Chi Running and we chatted about her new focus as a Restorative Exercise Specialist and how working on whole body alignment could help me. She was very informative and passionate so I arranged to attend a one to one session with her the following week.

My journey since then has been an incredibly positive one. We went back to basics, introducing correct alignment and I have slowly learnt a number of exercises that fit into my daily life which support my back. I have adjusted my alignment by the way I stand and sit and I have been amazed at the progress I am making with minimal episodes of sciatica. With Michelle’s help my goal is to be able to walk long distances, strengthen my upper body and feel that I can once again challenge myself with exercise.

Michelle is an inspirational teacher who practices what she preaches and is very passionate about changing how we move in our daily lives to attain healthy and happy bodies to carry us into old age.
— Linda Boyle
You have a wonderful gifted way of teaching and will bring untold joy to peoples lives in the work that you do with them.
— John Farrelly
Michelle has helped “restore” both my shoulder health after treatment for frozen shoulder and foot health after 18 months suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. The simple but effective exercise programme made a huge difference to my recovery and have made me really think about how I use my body and the importance of keeping all of it flexible and mobile to avoid future injuries.

I would highly recommend both Restorative Exercise and Michelle.
— Bernadette Copplestone
From the first moment I met Michelle I knew she could help me. Her understanding of the importance of alignment, her ability to explain it and her simple drills enabled me to grasp the basics immediately.

I put her teachings into practice and I’m pleased to say all those annoying little running injury niggles simply faded away. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to run or walk injury free.
— Simon George
Michelle’s classes are more than an ordinary exercise class, they are educational and inspirational. They have motivated me to incorporate exercise and movement into everyday life outside the class!
— Paula Studdert