katy bowman

Getting to the Core of the Matter

Core strength to me is the ability for my body to respond appropriately to any physical task and ideally is something that would be acquired dynamically on a daily basis. Core strength is often reduced down to a few isolated moves in a class but how do the moves you learn in an exercise class translate into your everyday life (carrying a heavy suitcase, stepping off a kerb, bending down to tie shoelaces)? I want my core to kick in and respond accordingly in any of these scenarios …

Moving into Summer

May is one of my favourite months. Spring turned into summer over the bank holiday weekend and it's been great to shed the layers, free our feet, get outside and soak up some vitamin D.
Movement as opposed to exercise is something I write about a lot. Exercise alone doesn't seem to make us healthier and use it or lose it remains true. With that in mind, I strive to find ways to make any activity, whether that be working at my laptop or a household chore more movement rich.

New beginnings from a Movement Perspective

New website, new blog and a place to share my thoughts on what I have learnt and continue to learn on my journey to understanding what my body needs in order to live a healthier life. A life that nurtures both mind and body, one that allows me to take care of myself and my family to the best of my ability and help others who are open to doing the same.