A Simple Foot Exercise to Practise

I see so many people with chronic foot problems that I thought I would offer you a simple foot exercise that you might like to try. It can be done anytime you are standing or sitting and can help improve foot function. You just need to take your shoes off to do it!

A lifetime wearing shoes, postural habits and mostly walking on flat and level surfaces has shaped our feet and as a result how we move. Our shoes act as a cast and immobilise the musculature from the ankle down. Our feet are under moved. But I spend a lot of time on my feet, I hear you say, how can they be under moved?!

The vast majority of shoes do not allow our feet to do what a foot needs to do and we tend to overuse other body parts to compensate, losing mobility of the feet and ankles over time. 

Top of the Foot Stretch

muldoon tofs
muldoon seated tofs


Try this top of the foot stretch which is one of my favourite exercises and doing it frequently Is key to improving toe, foot and ankle mobility. It will stretch the muscles of your toes, feet and ankles at the same time.

Reach back with one foot, tucking the toes under. Keep your heel centered, don't let your ankle drop out to either side. Don''t force the foot to the floor. At first your feet and toes may cramp. This is to be expected and just your body letting you know that you need to do this exercise more often! Hold for a few seconds and then try the other foot. If doing this exercise while standing is too much to start with, sit on the front edge of a chair and do it seated. Less load will make it more tolerable until the tissues begin to release.