Michelle is an inspirational teacher who practices what she preaches and is very passionate about changing how we move in our daily lives to attain healthy and happy bodies to carry us into old age.
— Linda Boyle

My name is Michelle Muldoon, movement teacher, lover of the outdoors and all round body nerd!

Looking back, I have always been drawn to teaching and helping people. In a previous life, I worked for Reuters for 10 years, in a variety of roles and latterly trained people how to use their business information and financial market data systems.

For the last 10 years, I have been teaching and studying movement in one form or another. For many years, I worked with people to improve their running form so that they could run injury free. In recent years I have expanded my skillset to teach the bigger picture of human movement.

In 2011, a google search would go on to change the course of my life and work.

I came across the work of Katy Bowman, M.S (Nutritious Movement) because I was having pelvic floor issues when I was running. Fast forward several years and out of choice I no longer run (for exercise) or indeed teach running form but work as a Nutritious Movement™ Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES-CPT), having certified under the direction of Katy in 2015. Her work has totally changed how I try to live my life and what I now teach others.

I regularly attend advanced training with Katy and her staff, both in person and online. I am also interested in learning human movement from the many teachers doing great work around the world and attend training courses and workshops on a regular basis. My work is informed by many teachers too numerous to mention.

I am most interested in the perceptions around ageing. Ageing seems to be a dirty word despite the fact that we are all doing it! It tends to be focused on how we look rather than whether our body has the ability to continue to function well. Much of the movement capabilities we had as children are often lost to us as adults but can often be recovered.

My work focuses on helping people develop the necessary physical adaptations, movement skills and strength to continue to be fit for their life. I believe that we have the power within us to change how we age, and to challenge the norm. We can continue to move well and live well in a more robust body despite the ageing process.

Our bodies are adapting to our movement habits and we are moving less and less as a culture. Many of the issues we are dealing with are the result of a largely sedentary lifestyle. My skill is in teaching you new movement habits; habits that elicit positive body change so that you can move better and improve your quality of life.

My approach is different. I run a private practise from my home in Hampton Hill and teach regular workshops and classes at a local studio in Hampton. I would love to work with you to help you figure out why you are experiencing common musculoskeletal issues, often associated with ageing, dealing with an injury that prevents you from doing what you love or just want to continue to move better so you can age better. I look forward to hearing from you.