Shoe Talk

Footwear can have a negative impact on not just the feet but our knees, hips, pelvic floor and all the way up to the head and neck. Your shoes are shaping you and a chronic issue in the body far away from your feet can often be improved by transitioning to more minimal footwear.

I’m often asked what are the features to look for in a shoe that allows more natural movement. So I made a video comparing two shoes. One that it is considered to be a flat “sensible” shoe and the other that has been designed to allow more parts of your foot to move and in turn more whole body movement.

If you’ve spent a lifetime in conventional shoes with a heel, big or small, a period of transitioning is required to restore mobility and strength to the feet and lower legs. That time period will differ for everyone but will be time well spent as it’s move a to a stronger body overall. Not sure where to start? Start with the Calf Stretch!

Be well.