New beginnings from a Movement Perspective

New website, new blog and a place to share my thoughts on what I have learnt and continue to learn on my journey to understanding what my body needs in order to live a healthier life. A life that nurtures both mind and body, one that allows me to take care of myself and my family to the best of my ability and help others who are open to doing the same.

With Katy May 2015

With Katy May 2015

Surfing the net a few years ago, I stumbled upon Katy Bowman’s educational blog. Little did I know that this would eventually have life changing consequences for me, shift my perspective on health and fitness and inspire me to immerse myself in Katy’s certification programme.  Earlier this year I certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist. Soon after I took the decision to change my career focus in what has turned out to be a watershed year and so Heart & Sole Movement was born.

I get to work on myself with a daily movement practise which helps me to identify areas that are “stuck” or lack range of motion. I am mindful of the habits which over a lifetime have created the body I have today.  Not just what you see on the outside but how as a system my whole body functions.

I get to teach others to help them identify and work through their own physical issues. Not in an “I need to be fit or look good kind of way”, although those are benefits, but in an absolutely necessary for optimal health way.  How we move and how little we move means we hardly scratch the surface of what our bodies are capable of and actually need.  If we continue this way, I believe we will seriously limit our level of self-efficacy.

I have had to question my own definition of health, look at my own life and assess where I can get more natural movement into the day, in a not very natural environment.

Some challenges I face include the fact that I live in an urban environment. In my home, I am surrounded by stuff that will constantly “cast” my body into a single position for hours. I have a small business which requires me to be at my computer more than I would like. I have a husband whose job requires him to work long hours many of which are spent at a desk. I have 3 teenagers who go to school and are also at desks for hours each day. So I worry about them too, and without being a thorn in their side, I want to find ways for them to get more movement into their lives. I also crave nature and the outdoors and want us to spend more time outside.

So I do what I can to change up our largely non-moving lifestyle and work to get more natural movement into the day. Some of the things I have done so far:

  • Six years ago, I transitioned out of traditional shoes to the most minimal shoes I can get away with. 
  • Our desk became firewood which means I either stand to work at my computer or sit on bolsters, cushions or yoga blocks, as close to the floor as I can get.
  • I hardly ever sit on the sofa anymore, I sit on the floor mostly.
  • We got rid of our traditional bed and standard mattress in favour of a very low platform bed and a thin mattress topper.
  • We got a pull up bar so we can get some upper body use into our day.

In terms of our home, I have big plans for 2016 but I have yet to persuade all of my family to agree to them.  Watch this space!

In future blogs, I will write more on why I chose to do the above and what that means in terms of getting more movement into my life without have to set aside time in an already busy life to “exercise”.

Be well.