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Michelle is an inspirational teacher who practices what she preaches and is very passionate about changing how we move in our daily lives to attain healthy and happy bodies to carry us into old age.
— Linda Boyle

Back in 2003, I was walking my children to school when I bent down to tie my son’s shoelaces and couldn’t get up. An ambulance was called and as I was in so much pain I had to be given gas and air to be lifted onto a stretcher. At the time my youngest child was 5 months old. On that day, I felt utterly helpless. I watched my mother suffer with debilitating back pain and I did not wish to find myself going down the same path.

I considered myself fairly active but had no alignment practise or regular exercise routines at that time.  On the recommendation of a friend, I took up Pilates in an effort to “strengthen my core”. Another friend talked me into running a 5k in aid of Cancer Research and it was only through running, something that I came to love, that I truly began to understand what a lifetime lacking in a variety of movement and mal-alignment of the body could really do. A whole host of running injuries ensued and a world of chronic foot pain which would plague me for several years. 

In 2006, I read about Chi Running a running technique founded by Danny Dreyer and so my running practise was born. Not a quick fix but a mind body practise that would help me to figure out why I was so injury prone. A dedicated student and teacher, I would eventually learn to run without pain and learn the value of mindful movement. 

However, I was experiencing pelvic floor issues sometimes when I ran. Not wishing to make the situation any worse, I began to do some research online. I could see that this was an issue for many many women and there was an acceptance, particularly post childbirth, that this was somehow normal. It had become the new normal maybe but it's not natural. My search for a solution would continuously take me to Katy Bowman of The Restorative Exercise Institute (now the Nutritious Movement Centre) and so another alignment practise was born. Katy’s blog would be become compulsive reading until I began to understand how our modern lifestyle, read a lack of varied movement throughout the day, was contributing to my situation and that changes in habit along with a programme of Restorative Exercise, would begin the process back to a fully functioning pelvic floor and a stronger more capable body in general.

Suffice to say that my passion for these practises along with a huge desire to educate and help people to improve their own quality of life, get out of pain and injury and introduce the notion of whole body movement lead me to wanting to teach others. A problem solver at heart, the puzzle now became the endlessly fascinating complex thing that is our human machine.

In January 2014, I signed up for the certification program with the Restorative Exercise Institute* and certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist under Katy Bowman in 2015.  

As a result of working with countless runners over an 8 year period as a Master Chi Running Instructor, I could see that many of the issues people were dealing with were the result of a largely non moving lifestyle and that running was something that perhaps should not be embarked upon initially for health reasons but that time might we wiser spent on addressing the very large part of the day that we are not actually moving at all. 

My focus these days is on developing my teaching practise as a Restorative Exercise Specialist to help anyone interested in improving their health in an "out of the tank" way.

I am passionate about helping you to understand why you may have pain and injury and giving you the tools to help you live pain free and improve your health through not just more movement but more natural movement.  Contact me.

Michelle Muldoon, CPT-RES

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*The Restorative Exercise Institute founded by Katy Bowman is a science-based education facility dedicated to optimizing long-term health of the human machine through proper understanding of how habits of posture and alignment affect organ and system function. Katy recently rebranded and the institute has now become the Nutritious Movement Centre.