move TO LIVE  

You may not exercise at all but want find a way to feel healthier in your body and don’t know where to start? You might exercise for an hour regularly and consider yourself to be fit but are frequently injured? Perhaps you feel constantly tired and out of shape? You are in pain and have tried many different approaches to get out of pain? Maybe you want to improve your strength to weight ratio? Whatever your situation, Restorative Exercise has something to offer you.

Our bodies crave movement and not in a 3 times a week way kinda way but in an all day everyday natural movement kinda way. Not only do we crave it, we need it! Our long term health and biological functions depend on it.

Learn how your habitual movement patterns may have lead you to your current situation. Too often a diagnosis and or pain makes us feel powerless in our bodies unable to move forward. We seem to accept that as we age we are no longer able to do certain things, when in fact it is possible to restore lost motor skills, lost strength and feel better than we ever thought we could.

I will help you to develop a movement practise that will allow you to discover your "sticky spots" which are perhaps causing you to move in ways that lead to degeneration, pain and disease. Using the Restorative Exercise system, a biomechanics based movement programme, you will get to know your body better.

My name is Michelle Muldoon, lover of the outdoors, movement teacher and all round body nerd! As a Restorative Exercise Specialist, I am committed to helping you see your environment (your home, workplace, etc) with new eyes, an environment that is keeping you still in more ways than you can imagine and through a practice of Restorative Exercise guide you on a path to whole body health.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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