You are how you move and you move how you are
— Katy Bowman


Using Restorative Exercise, I work with you to develop a practise using seemingly simple but challenging exercises to address undernourished areas of your body to help you coax unused tissues back to life, improving ranges of motion, motor skill and strength to weight ratio. 

I will tailor the exercises for you so you can begin to restore appropriate muscle length in order to facilitate better circulation, increase metabolism, minimise wear and tear and start to repair damage to your body. We will take a stepwise approach to include mobilising and strengthening exercises as well as any lifestyle modifications necessary to target specific muscle and joint actions.

Addressing the whole body from the feet up, you will develop body awareness and begin to recognise that how you use your body habitually might be causing your particular issues. With a mindful approach, you can make real progress in restoring lost ranges of motion, strength and a mindset that says I can rather than I'm afraid or I'm too old or whatever the limits you have either placed on yourself or have been placed on you perhaps by our culture or society.


The notion of exercise carried out in short bouts throughout the week and specifically cardiovascular exercise is deeply ingrained in our culture and associated with health and fitness. A new paradigm suggests, it may not be giving us all that we think it is. Looking at heart health in isolation and asking your heart to do too much of the work is missing the fact that we are simply not using our body enough in the time that we are not exercising. We take that unyielding body out to exercise at an intensity that may not serve us in the long term but could in fact be creating injury and disease rather than preventing it.

I will help you to look at your lifestyle and offer you solutions on how to incorporate whole body movement into daily life and explore different ways to achieve optimal health. You will begin to understand how we are being casted by the shoes we wear, by our furniture, our homes, our offices, technology, literally changing the shape of our bodies and not for the better.

When did we stop playing, hanging, swinging and tree climbing? Why does this fun way to move through our world stop when we reach a certain age, particularly when it gives us so much in terms of movement nutrients sadly lacking in modern life but essential for overall health.  Exploring your "habitat" and looking at it through new eyes will allow you to mobilise, strengthen and empower yourself long into your life.  You will gain a new found confidence in your physical abilities which will translate into your life in general.  


I will guide you through a process of self discovery gently introducing new loads and variables into your movement diet using Restorative Exercise and through a process of gradual progress help you to introduce new and varied movements into your life.

This is not a quick fix, there are no silver bullets! It's a process of getting to know your body better, developing an awareness of your "blind spots" and finding a path to better health and more nutritious movement. I will guide and inspire you along the way.  If you are ready to explore, I would love to work with you.


I teach at my home in Hampton Hill in the TW12 area close to Teddington and Twickenham on the outskirts of London.  I work with clients privately on an hourly basis.

From the first moment I met Michelle I knew she could help me. Her understanding of the importance of alignment, her ability to explain it and her simple drills enabled me to grasp the basics immediately.

— Simon George


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