I highly recommend reading the following books by Katy Bowman. 

Move Your DNA is a big picture look at how as a culture we hardly move at all anymore and the effect that this largely sedentary life has on our body right down to the cellular level.  This is an eye opening book, addressing complex topics in a way that is easy to comprehend and will have you questioning what you understood to be health and fitness.

Whole Body Barefoot addresses the effect that wearing traditional shoes has on our whole body not just our feet and walks you through the transitioning process from a regular shoe to something more minimal. 

Don't Just Sit There find out why it is so important to not just sit there! Lots of solutions and innovative ways to get some movement into your day even if you are confined to a desk.

Every Woman's Guide to Foot Pain Relief not just for women but anyone suffering with foot problems.



All of the above books are available as audio books so you can listen AND walk!  You can also subscribe to Katy Bowman's podcast here.