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Dynamic Ageing

4 Week Exercise Class Series (8 Classes)

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Our bodies are amazing. They have so much movement potential and are capable of so much more than we often believe. We should know them, pay attention to them, understand how we are using them, move them in nourishing ways that allow us to live well in them for as long as possible. It’s never too late, or indeed too early to address alignment issues, postural habits or movement patterns. Are you after movement longevity?

I want you to be able to move better so that you can age better. Although we can expect a natural decline, what if the decline and a loss of function is simply due to weaknesses created by poor movement habits or a lack of movement in general?

Have you recently found yourself complaining about various musculoskeletal issues? Are your knees or some other body part beginning to shout louder? Are you falling into the trap of telling yourself that these issues are because you are getting older? Are you struggling with your exercise program because a body part keeps letting you down?

“Michelle’s classes are more than an ordinary exercise class, they are educational and inspirational. They have motivated me to incorporate exercise and movement into everyday life outside the class!

— Paula Studdert

This Dynamic Ageing Course Curriculum, based on the book by the same name, organised into 8 classes over 4 weeks is designed to radically change your relationship with your body and daily movement. These classes will be highly educational and inspiring. I will provide context for every exercise. You will understand why you do the exercises and how they relate to your life.

After 4 weeks you will understand your body better, have tools to increase your body’s untapped physical capacity and move in ways that offer more strength and mobility day to day, not just during class. You will be inspired and motivated to have a movement practise and make habit modifications to accelerate the learning in class and know that your body is on a different trajectory than when you started.

We will be working through simple exercises, stretches and postural adjustments, all of which can be scaled to your particular strength and mobility. You will have a chair for stability or to take a rest on at any time during the class.

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Classes will cover:

  • Foot health

  • Fall prevention, balance and stability

  • Building strength through standing and walking

  • Gait training, strong hips, balance

  • Everyday walking and more complex walking

  • Reaching, carrying, lifting and more functional movements

  • Movement as part of life, daily activities

  • Whole body mobility

Dates coming soon!

Please email me to be added to the waiting list at michelle@heartandsolemovement.com


£120 without the Dynamic Ageing Book

£132 with the Dynamic Ageing Book

Dynamic Ageing Series with Book
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“Michelle is a truly inspirational and motivational teacher. I have been doing her classes for almost a year and they have completely revolutionised the way I think about exercise and movement. She is helping me regain flexibility and strength by introducing small movements in areas of the body I hardly knew existed and certainly haven’t moved for decades! I had thought getting stiffer and less agile was an inevitable factor of getting older but now honestly believe that not to be the case. I cannot recommend her enough for anyone who wants to remain active and flexible as the years advance.

— Alex Bemrose