Wake Up Your Upper Body

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Wake Up Your Upper Body


Saturday 16 November 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

Oak Tree Studio, 210 Hanworth Road, TW12 3EY

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We do so little movement with our upper bodies these days, our fingers slide across screens and type on keyboards in repetitive ways but the full range of motion of our amazing shoulders alludes most of us. We spend the bulk of our day with our heads and our shoulders out in front of us.

In this workshop, get to know what moves and what doesn't in your own body. Good mobility in your spine and upper body will give you more freedom of movement in your neck, improve the interplay between your shoulders and the rest of your thoracic spine, better breathing, decrease the risk of back pain and osteoporosis in that area and more. Give yourself the gift of two hours of upper body moves and join me on Saturday 16 November.

These workshops are small and will you get plenty of personal attention.



At the beautiful Oak Tree Studio, 210 Hanworth Road, Hampton TW12 3EY. Buses 111 or R70 Garden Court stop. Take the garden gate entrance via the footpath beside the house for the studio.

Free parking available along Hanworth Road.